Past Episodes

Episode 1

Paperboy Recruiter

Paperboy Recruiter - Image

An exclusive behind the scenes with Australia’s most relentless and passionate paperboy scout. Witness the uncovering of an elite new generation.

Street Accountants

Street Accountants - Image

The public are increasingly getting their tax done by illegal, unregistered accountants who walk the streets by night soliciting for work. A shocking look at this sordid world.

Odd Medical Conditions

Odd Medical Conditions - Image

We salute a hero who cares for people with strange and unfortunate medical conditions. People who have been forgotten by the medical system and shunned by a cruel world.

70 Years of Jumping

70 Years of Jumping - Image

On the 70th anniversary of the invention of jumping, we look back. also we catch up with Aussie ‘Mr. Jumping’ - a man that did so much to popularise this innovation.

Network TEN

Network TEN - Sunday Nights After Rove on Network Ten.

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