Past Episodes

Episode 6

Hey Dad..! The Movie

Cast of Hey Dad the Movie - Image

We follow the process of turning Australia’s longest running sitcom in to a feature film. This is, somewhat unsurprisingly, an exclusive to REAL STORIES.

Download the Hey Dad..! The Movie wallpaper. Once the image opens right click and select "Set as Background" or similar.

Shakespeare’s New Musical

Shakespeare Musical Director Adrian Prescott - Image

A new play by Shakespeare is found. It’s a musical and it’s not very good. We follow the tears and the joys of the first production.

The Institute of Sayings

Institute of Sayings Building - Image

The body that has produced Australia’s most important sayings, such as “She’ll be right” and “Flip a billy lid” is under threat from Government funding cuts.

Neil Wellington (above) is an ex-employee of the Australian Institute of Sayings. Below is an example of some of his sayings that were rejected, almost always immediately by his boss John Smith. Neil now works (voluntarily) at an Animal Shelter coming up with names for unwanted animals. Click here for a larger version

Network TEN

Network TEN - Sunday Nights After Rove on Network Ten.

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