Past Episodes

Episode 7

Backyard Disaster

The Wallace Family - Image

A couple of battlers struggle with a TV network after a botched, 24–hour backyard renovation. A story that is both inspiring and a lesson to us all.

The Skill Tester Epidemic

Kids addicted to Skill Testers - Image

It’s the youth – and they’re at risk again. Addiction to skill testers is the number one new risk facing Australia’s at risk youth.

If you are concerned that your child has become addicted to Skill Testers, read this fact sheet for more information.

Fat Binge for Comedy

Benjamin Gilderfoot with comedian Corey Thomas - Image

A brave comedian’s moving battle to put back on the pounds after an illness ruins the only routine he has.

Comedian Corey Thomas and subject for our story called Fat Binge has drawn this self portrait of what he looks like today so we can see his progress.

Bird Call Centre

Bird Call Centres - Image

Aussie call centre jobs at risk again. This time it’s not foreigners, but birds that are being trained to answer phones. When will the outrage end?

Network TEN

Network TEN - Sunday Nights After Rove on Network Ten.

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